Wednesday, 9 December 2009

When you search for Maha-Amba you get a new video.What is Maya dreaming about? here is the transcription:

. . . As I lay in bed at night, in that state between dream and wakefulness, they would merge together. It still happens. Even more now that I am more widely read. Maybe it is a way of escaping. Maybe they are meaningless. Let me tell you about my dream last night, perhaps you can figure out the places that I spoke with my dream-friend.

I stand next to a clock tower, it looks proper and British like Big Ben and seems out of place as the salty breeze from the Arabian Sea curls around it. I walk north. I stop in the middle of a triangular green. I breathe in and listen to cricket sound. A man strikes up a conversation, but as we progress beyond greetings, I see my breath in a cloud in front of me, and realize that I am now much farther from the Equator. I am talking with Alan again. It feels as though we are close friends, although I do not know him in waking life. Perhaps it is because he always wants to help. I mention something about his mother, the washing mashing, and he turns red. I am embarrassed, I was not supposed to know. He tells me about his new house and his new neighborhood.