Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Maya's Dream...

The latest clue "NACOTCHTANK" takes you to an audio message from Maya

Below is the transcription - what do you think she saw in her dream?

As a child I read histories and fictions. Anything that I could get my hands on. I was inspired by my grandmother. First I read about what it was like when she was small. That's your time. Then I read further back. All of the stories seem so disconnected from my time now. Like fairy tales. As I lay in bed at night, in that state between dream and wakefulness, they would merge together. It still happens. Even more now that I am more widely read. Maybe it is a way of escaping. Maybe they are meaningless. Let me tell you about my dream last night, perhaps you can figure out what monuments I imagined.

I was walking through Byzantium under a single star and crescent moon. It was empty, nothing moved. I passed a tall column, free standing. I squinted up at the top and thought I saw a sun god, but it could have just been glare of the light. I continued walking southeast, expecting to find chariots, and the sounds of horses' hooves. Instead, I stepped into another place-- a far away capital, once inhabited by Algonquins, the Nacotchtank. They were long gone in the place that I walked. I walked towards a frozen woman astride a horse. She was atop a plinth along L'Enfant's Longitude.

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